We have created the Quick Guide for Ministry to Women organized around answers to you and your leadership team’s most pressing ministry questions. Available in English and Spanish.

“The truth is we desperately need healthy women investing in other women. As women fully embrace the life Christ offers, we experience healthier families, churches, workplaces and communities.”
~Kerry Clarensau (from the Introduction to Quick Guide for Ministry to Women)


Quick Guide Sample SessionEnglishSpanish

Culture QuizEnglishSpanish

Appendix 1: Resources in Your CommunityEnglishSpanish

Appendix 2: Strategic Plan TemplateEnglishSpanish

Appendix 3: Planning Ministry to WomenEnglishSpanish

Appendix 4: One Another PassagesEnglishSpanish

Appendix 5: Reach Out in CompassionEnglishSpanish